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Work process of 1Sol

The process of how 1Sol works

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Initialize accounts

First of all, create accounts and you need to have your gas credits ready.

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Smart calculator

1Sol Smart Calculator will do the price comparing and the work of finding the best route, in milliseconds.

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You confirm the transaction, then we swap it. You don’t need to care about the technical details.

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Return to you

Once everything’s done. We transfer you back the max amount of tokens you swapped.

Not Just a DEX Aggregator

We aim to
aggregate everything.

What we will aggregate in the future:

  • Swaps, orderbooks, CeFi markets, OTC markets
  • NFT trading aggregation
  • GameFi lootbox and accessories trading markets
  • 1-Step lending & borrowing
  • And more

1Sol aggregates
everything on blockchain.

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